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Archive - 2019

This is what's archived for 2019, plus the 2019 calendar. See the Archive Index for other years' archives.

From To Company Play
15 Nov 20185 JanWatermill Theatre* Robin Hood
23 Nov 20186 JanOxford Playhouse* Dick Whittington and His Cat
23 Nov 201823 FebThe Mill at SonningGuys and Dolls
30 Nov 20186 JanCorn Exchange* Jack and the Beanstalk
1 Dec 20185 JanCreation Theatre at the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford* Peter Pan
6 Dec 20185 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Alby the Penguin Saves Christmas
13 Dec 20186 JanThe Anvil* Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
31 Dec 20185 JanThe Kenton Theatre* Aladdin
7 Jan12 JanProgress TheatreBlood and Ice
8 Jan12 JanNew TheatreMacbeth
10 Jan The Lights* Robin Hood
12 Jan The Haymarket* Peter Bedpan
15 Jan Theatre at the cinemaThe Tragedy of King Richard the Second
15 Jan19 JanOxford PlayhouseThe Comedy About a Bank Robbery
15 Jan26 JanNew Theatre* Doctor Dolittle the Musical
18 Jan19 JanDidcot Phoenix Drama Group* Rumpelstiltskin
18 Jan19 JanThe Lights* Jack the Lad - The Untold Tale of the Prodigal Son
18 Jan19 JanMortimer Dramatic SocietyStiffed at the Speakeasy
18 Jan20 JanShinfield Players* Puss in Boots
18 Jan2 FebSinodun Players* Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
19 Jan Old Fire StationEat Your Heart Out
21 Jan26 JanOxford PlayhouseSister Act - The Musical
22 Jan26 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Only Way is Suffrage
24 Jan25 JanOld Fire StationThe Isle of Brimsker
24 Jan26 JanCorn ExchangeGrease
24 Jan26 JanTriangle Players* Sinbad and the Golden Goddess
25 Jan26 JanMortimer Dramatic SocietyStiffed at the Speakeasy
25 Jan26 JanSilchester Players* Treasure Island
25 Jan27 JanShinfield Players* Puss in Boots
26 Jan Didcot Phoenix Drama Group* Rumpelstiltskin
26 Jan27 JanFaringdon Dramatic Society* Wishing on a Star
29 Jan2 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Pitchfork Disney
29 Jan2 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone
30 Jan Corn ExchangeDirty Dusting
30 Jan2 FebOxford PlayhouseEnron
30 Jan23 FebWatermill TheatreMurder For Two
31 Jan Theatre at the cinemaI'm Not Running
31 Jan1 FebThe HaymarketHoles
1 Feb Old Fire StationGreywing House
1 Feb2 FebFaringdon Dramatic Society* Wishing on a Star
1 Feb2 FebRussell Players* Snow White and the Magnificent Seven
1 Feb2 FebSilchester Players* Treasure Island
1 Feb2 FebTriangle Players* Sinbad and the Golden Goddess
4 Feb9 FebOxford PlayhouseArt
5 Feb The Anvil* Barnaby Bear's Adventures at Sea
5 Feb Old Fire StationHuman Story Theatre Scenes From…
5 Feb9 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Pirandello’s Henry IV
5 Feb9 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Waiting for Gary
6 Feb Old Fire StationHickory Dickory Murder
6 Feb9 FebCentral StudioLegally Blonde - The Musical
7 Feb The Kenton TheatreA Dickens Double Bill
7 Feb9 FebOld Fire StationAfter Miss Julie
7 Feb10 FebThe Haymarket* Room on the Broom
7 Feb16 FebProgress TheatreJerusalem
8 Feb9 FebRussell Players* Snow White and the Magnificent Seven
12 Feb The AnvilThe Wherwell Cockatrice
12 Feb13 FebCorn ExchangeSherlock Holmes - The Sign of Four
12 Feb13 FebCorn Exchange* Horrible Histories: Brand New Barmy Britain
12 Feb14 FebThe HaymarketThe Nightmare Room
12 Feb16 FebWoodley TheatreSnake in the Grass
12 Feb16 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Skin a Cat
13 Feb16 FebOxford PlayhouseMade in Dagenham
13 Feb16FebNew TheatreFame the Musical
15 Feb Old Fire StationBeowulf
15 Feb16 FebThe Kenton Theatre* The Amazing Adventures of Pinocchio
15 Feb16 FebAldermaston PlayersLucky Stiff
18 Feb23 FebNew TheatreKinky Boots
19 Feb Arlington Arts Centre* Snow White Red Rose Bear Brown
19 Feb20 FebThe Anvil* Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
19 Feb23 FebOxford Playhouse* The Cat in the Hat
20 Feb23 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Confessions of a Coconut
20 Feb23 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)A Leap Of
20 Feb23 FebHAODSBlackadder
20 Feb23 FebThe Community of Hungerford Theatre CompanyThe Sound of Music
21 Feb The Lights* Be Happy, Harry Hippo!
21 Feb23 FebKATSSpamalot
21 Feb23 FebAldermaston PlayersLucky Stiff
22 Feb Old Fire StationTrump The Musical
26 Feb1 MarOxford PlayhouseThe Unreturning
26 Feb2 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Bandages
26 Feb2 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Redacted Arachnid
27 Feb The HaymarketStrangers on a Train Set
28 Feb Old Fire StationHymns for Robots
28 Feb30 MarWatermill TheatreMacbeth
28 Feb13 AprThe Mill at SonningGaslight
1 Mar3 MarThe Haymarket* Elmer the Patchwork Elephant
4 Mar9 MarNew TheatreAnnie
5 Mar Theatre at the cinemaI'm Not Running
5 Mar Arlington Arts Centre* Mathilda and the Orange Balloon
5 Mar9 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)What Comes After
5 Mar9 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)You Are Frogs
6 Mar Corn ExchangeA Super Happy Story about Feeling Super Sad
11 Mar16 MarProgress TheatreA Doll's House
12 Mar BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Our Carnal Hearts
12 Mar16 MarOxford PlayhouseChariots of Fire
13 Mar14 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Lucrezia the Sinner, Lucrezia the Saint
13 Mar16 MarAbingdon Drama ClubBlack Comedy
14 Mar15 MarThe HaymarketMacbeth
14 Mar16 MarCorn ExchangeBouncers
14 Mar16 MarNew Era PlayersThe Tempest
14 Mar16 MarChiltern PlayersBuilding Bridges
15 Mar BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Bottom
15 Mar16 MarPegasus TheatreLord of the Flies
19 Mar23 MarBAOSMade In Dagenham
19 Mar23 MarNew Era PlayersThe Tempest
20 Mar BT Studio (Burton Taylor)An Indian Abroad
20 Mar23 MarGoring Gap PlayersLoot
21 Mar The LightsThe Odyssey
21 Mar22 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Status
21 Mar23 MarShinfield PlayersThe 39 Steps
21 Mar23 MarThe Kenton TheatreLove in Idleness
22 Mar23 MarOxford PlayhousePrincess and The Hustler
23 Mar Corn Exchange* The Sooty Show
23 Mar BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* The Goose That Flew
25 Mar30 MarOxford PlayhouseThe Mousetrap
25 Mar30 MarNew TheatreThe Rocky Horror Show
27 Mar South StreetWild
27 Mar30 MarStudio Theatre ClubDogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth
28 Mar Corn ExchangeA Brave Face
28 Mar29 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Bull
28 Mar31 MarThe Haymarket* We're Going on a Bear Hunt
29 Mar Corn ExchangeNo Kids
29 Mar30 MarNewbury YoungStarsLegally Blonde Jr
30 Mar31 MarOld Fire StationThe Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
1 Apr6 AprProgress TheatreOne Million Tiny Plays About Reading
2 Apr3 AprOld Fire StationRouse, Ye Women
2 Apr6 AprThe HaymarketTurn of the Screw
3 Apr6 AprWatermill TheatreMoonfleet
4 Apr6 AprJigsaw Stage ProductionsThe King and I
4 Apr6 AprHook PlayersDuets
5 Apr6 AprOxford PlayhouseNell Gwynn
5 Apr6 AprT.A.D.SDrinking Habits
5 Apr6 AprOld Fire StationDrip Drip Drip
7 Apr9 AprThe Haymarket* The Gruffalo, The Witch and The Warthog with Julia Donaldson
9 Apr The Anvil* Peter Pan
9 Apr10 AprCorn Exchange* Room on the Broom
9 Apr10 AprOxford PlayhouseIn the Willows
9 Apr13 AprWoodley TheatreBoeing Boeing
9 Apr13 AprAbingdon Operatic SocietyMy Fair Lady
10 Apr The HaymarketThe Long Walk Back
10 Apr13 AprCompton PlayersThe Ladykillers
10 Apr13 AprSinodun PlayersDead Funny
10 Apr13 AprSt Peter's PlayersMerely Uniforms
11 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful
11 Apr Theatre at the cinemaAll About Eve
11 Apr13 AprAmEgosThe 39 Steps
11 Apr13 AprJigsaw Stage ProductionsThe King and I
11 Apr18 MayWatermill TheatreAmélie
12 Apr13 AprOxford Playhouse* Dinosaur World Live
14 Apr Central Studio* There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
15 Apr Arlington Arts Centre* The Selfish Giant
16 Apr20 AprOxford PlayhouseThe Remains of the Day
16 Apr20 AprNew TheatreCalendar Girls - The Musical
17 Apr Theatre at the cinemaAs You Like It
17 Apr The Lights* Bird's Nest Billy
17 Apr18 AprThe HaymarketThe Trials of Oscar Wilde
17 Apr18 AprNomads Musical TheatreShowtime Soirée
17 Apr20 AprBT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Muckers
19 Apr21 AprCorn Exchange* The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
23 Apr27 AprThe HexagonAvenue Q
24 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Brawn
25 Apr Honesty Café at The BaseUser Not Found
25 Apr South StreetSilent Generation
26 Apr27 AprPurley PlayersHoliday at Home
26 Apr27 AprReading Operatic SocietyClosing Time
27 Apr Watermill Theatre* Goldilocks
27 Apr The Haymarket* ANiMALCOLM
27 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* A Noisy Holiday
27 Apr Old Fire StationShe’s a Good Boy
1 May Corn ExchangeThe Man Without a Past
1 May Old Fire StationIt’s Always Infinity
1 May4 MayProgress TheatreProgress Premieres 2019
1 May4 MayHAODSHalf a Sixpence
2 May4 MayThe HaymarketCrimes on the Nile
7 May11 MayOxford PlayhouseRichard III
7 May11 MayThe Kenton TheatreHenley Drama Festival 2019
7 May11 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Love/Sick
7 May11 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Q&A
8 May11 MayOverton Dramatic SocietySilly Cow
8 May18 MayThe HaymarketOliver!
9 May11 MayOld Fire StationMade In Dagenham
10 May WSMC at GroveRoad Trip
10 May11 MaySilchester PlayersOur of Focus
11 May WSMC at UffingtonRoad Trip
14 May Theatre at the cinemaAll My Sons
14 May18 MayOxford PlayhouseDead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)
14 May18 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Ruling Class
14 May18 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Four Men in their Respective Cells
15 May Old Fire StationOrpheus
15 May18 MayShinfield PlayersHarvey
15 May18 MayThe Sainsbury SingersGuys and Dolls
16 May South StreetDoes My Bomb Look Big In This?
16 May18 MayOld Fire StationOrlando
17 May WSMC at SteventonRoad Trip
17 May18 MayFaringdon Dramatic SocietyAirport Tales
17 May18 MaySilchester PlayersOur of Focus
17 May19 MayRussell PlayersA Bunch of Amateurs
18 May Kingston Bagpuize Drama GroupA Murder Mystery Evening
18 May WSMC at GroveRoad Trip
20 May22 MayThe HaymarketMindgame
21 May25 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Allotment
21 May25 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Wings of the Seagull
22 May The LightsThe Hound of the Baskervilles
23 May Old Fire StationA Hundred Different Words For Love
23 May25 MayMarlborough PlayersEntertaining Angels
23 May25 MayTriangle PlayersMurder At Deem House
24 May South StreetOff the Block #8