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Newbury Theatre's privacy policy


In this policy, these words have the following meanings.
"We", "Our", "Us": the organisers of the Newbury Theatre web site. Newbury Theatre is a non-profit-making voluntary organisation; it is not a company or a charity.
"You", "Your": you, the person reading this.
"Client": any group or organisation supplying information to be displayed on this web site.

Information we collect

We don't collect information about You. We collect information about Clients (for example names, phone numbers, email addresses) so that We can contact Clients.

Information about who visits the web site and what URLs they come from is collected by StatCounter ( and by Our web hosts ( Information about what You search for is collected by FreeFind (

Our use of Your information

We use Client information to get in touch with Clients. We use information collected by StatCounter and Our web hosts to see where visitors to the site are coming from, but not to identify You individually. We use information collected by FreeFiind to see what You are searching for.

Our disclosure of Client information

We don't give Client information to anyone else without the Client's permission.


When You visit this site, We store one or more cookies on your PC. This is done:

  • by visitor counters that We are using (their privacy policy is at and the cookies, which are entirely benign, are there to distinguish between first-time visitors and returning visitors, and to keep track of what constitutes a visit.
  • if You use QuickLinks. We store Your links to Your favourite pages on this site, so that We can show them to You.

If You do not have cookies enabled, no cookie will be stored. The site will give You the same results whether or not You have cookies enabled, except that You will not have access to QuickLinks if You do not have cookies enabled.

Avoiding spam

If You give Us an email address to display on this site, We will display it in such a way that it will not appear to be an email address to spamming address harvesters, but will appear to be an email hyperlink to users of the site. For users with JavaScript disabled, it is displayed not as a hyperlink but in the format <me (AT) mydomain DOT co DOT uk>.


If You have any complaints about how Your information, or Client information for which You are responsible, is being handled, please email .