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The Mill at Sonning

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Sonning Eye, Reading, RG4 6TY.


Reviews of Barefoot in the Park

30th June to 20th August 2022

Review from the Newbury Weekly News.

Neil Simon winner at Sonning

First performed on Broadway in 1963 with Robert Redford playing the lead, Neil Simon’s romantic comedy was successful from the start. Redford was joined by Jane Fonda for the film version and the play has been performed countless times on stages around the world.

This was a strong production at Sonning, directed sympathetically by Robin Herford. Set in very different times to today’s turmoil, the play follows a young couple, just married, moving into their first apartment. Many will recognise, perhaps remember and understand the outwardly cheerful attitude of Johnny Labey as Paul and Hannah Pauley as his wife Corrie as they make the best of a small, cramped apartment, six floors up with no lift and no furniture having arrived.

Yet… those six flights of stairs provided a running source of humour throughout and at one point Rachel Fielding, as Corrie’s mother, stumbles in after climbing the stairs to say it feels like she’s just died and gone to heaven. And had to climb up there.

There is much speculation too about who lives in the apartments on the way up. Particularly one with several empty tuna cans left outside every morning. Who lives there?, Corrie wonders. ‘A big cat with a tin opener?’ Paul speculates.

Certainly not as light and frivolous as at first glance, this is a very funny play, exceptionally well acted by Labey as the quiet, rather formal young lawyer just starting his career. Pauley was most impressive as Corrie, her bright, bubbly personality brought out skilfully all through the play. Rachel Fielding had fun with the doting mother and mother-in-law part of Mrs Banks and James Simmons was the believable charming rogue Victor Velasco. No less deserving of praise was Oliver Stanley in a neat little cameo role as a telephone engineer.

He made the most of his two brief appearances. The British actors – the entire cast apart from Pauley – had convincing American accents. So too did Ms Pauley, but having been raised in Pittsburgh that was hardly surprising.


There are reviews from Broadway World ("the Mill delivers a fun evening that's so much more than this play" - ★★★), The Stage ("the perfect play for a venue like the Mill at Sonning" - ★★★), ReviewsGate ("a good night out by any standards... the audience leaves having laughed a lot and feeling it has been an evening well spent" - ★★★★), The Reviews Hub ("if you are looking for a lighthearted evening out and you have a stronger stomach for ‘of its time’ humour then this is the play for you" - ★★★), Theatre Cat ("quite wonderfully dated, not to say nostalgic... there is possibly the best hysterically irrational lovers’ tiff since Private Lives" - ★★), Pocket Size Theatre ("a first-class production... very well acted throughout" - ★★★★), The Live Review ("the show is well acted with a comedic cast that are extremely talented").

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