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Unicorn Theatre, Checker Walk, Abingdon OX14 3HZ. Click here for a map.


Tickets from The Bookstore, The Precinct, Abingdon, or via the link on our web site, or telephone 01235 821351.

Review of Hobson's Choice

12th to 15th March 2014

Review from NODA.

My thanks once again to your Director, Deidre Jones, for the invitation to review your latest production, - it is always a pleasure to come to BreakaLeg productions, as you always give ‘value for money’ to your audiences, and this was the case once more.

Peter Bradley had certainly unearthed some very interesting facts about life in the 1880’s, which was well presented in the short video, prior to the play starting, and it certainly set the ‘mood’ for the evenings entertainment. As usual, Deidre, puts a lot of thought into whatever she is Directing, and she is well supported by Mike Davies, and other members of her TEAM.

This is a play full of strong characters, which were well thought through, and acted, and the pace of the play and dialogue were maintained for the entire evening.

The Set, designed and constructed by Deidre, and Mike, was simple, but effective, and gave the period required, on a stage which has its limitations. i.e. a shoe shop, and living room.

The Players:-
Alice Hobson, (Gemma Kitching) and Vickey Hobson & Ada Figgins (Audrina Oakes-Cottrell): I do not wish to separate them, as they worked well together. Dressed well, and had good deportment. Diction was good, and they seemed to have enjoyed their roles.
Maggie Hobson, (Julie Kedward): This talented actress never fails to impress, her diction and facial expressions are always a joy to observe. She used the script to all its advantages to bring this part to life. Her feisty conversations with her Father were well done and she ‘groomed’ her husband-to-be in a very manipulative fashion, - well done.
Henry Hobson (Mark Wilkin): Another experienced performer, I tried to believe he was the North Country shoe shop, and factory owner, but physically he looked ‘oversmart’, and ‘posh’, not what I had envisaged, for a man who spent a considerable time in the ‘pub’, with his mates. Otherwise he gave a faultless performance.
Willie Mossop (David Fardon): His first appearance on stage won over the entire audience, an outstanding performance in every way, his humble and nervous posture, and brilliant facial expressions said it all. Head bowed, fumbling with his hands, and so wishing he could ‘escape’ from his ‘bride to be’, yet later when a married man, with a thriving business, he stood proud, and confident. Congratulations on a superb performance.
Mrs Hepworth (Janet Rollett): Only a small character part, but beautifully dressed, sharp, articulate and very believable, as the lady of quality, who demands, and gets what she wants!
Albert Prosser & Dr MacFarlane (Richard Damerell): A man of ‘two’ parts, he was confident as both characters, he looked suitably love struck, and made good use of the stage, his diction was excellent.
Freddie Beenstock (Jim Cottrell): Again a confident part well played.
Jim Heeler (Mike Davies): Fitted the part of the ‘drinking buddy’ well, clear diction. I would have liked to have seen a ‘boozers cheeks, and nose etc’ as the play progressed., A very busy person behind the scenes as well.
Tubby Wadlow (Peter Bradley): He really fitted his working shoe factory appearance, but why were his hands so clean, for a working man used to days of handling leather, dyes and dubbing?

Behind the Scenes: all had worked extremely hard, another excellent programme, produced on good quality paper, with all the relevant information about BreakaLeg, and your achievements in NODA.

Congratulations. The audience certainly enjoyed a fine evening's entertainment, and thank you for your hospitality.


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