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 Connecting professional and amateur theatre in Newbury, West Berkshire and beyond

Archive - 2016

This is what's archived for 2016, plus the 2016 calendar. See the Archive Index for other years' archives.

Aldermaston - The York Nativity Play
Boundary Players - The Vicar of Dibley
Boundary Players - Two and Two Make Sex
Compton Players - Blue Remembered Hills
Compton Players - Bracken Moor
Corn Exchange - Cinderella
Corn Exchange - Dick Whittington
Creation Theatre Company - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Creation Theatre Company - Hamlet
Creation Theatre Company - King Lear
Creation Theatre Company - Snow White and Other Tales from the Brothers Grimm
Hexagon - Snow White
Hexagon - Dick Whittington
Hexagon - Snow White
Kennet Opera - La Cenerentola
Mortimer Dramatic Society - The Small Hours
New Era Players - Collaborators
New Era Players - Gaslight
New Era Players - God of Carnage
New Era Players - October Double Bill 2016
New Era Players - Pride and Prejudice
New Era Players - The Importance of Being Earnest
Newbury Dramatic Society - The Interview
Newbury Dramatic Society - Just So Kipling
Newbury Musical Theatre Society - Return to the Forbidden Planet
Newbury Musical Theatre Society - The Wizard of Oz
Newbury Youth Theatre - Fairies and Dragons of the Desolate Plain
Newbury YoungStars - Fame Jr
Nomads Musical Theatre - Oklahoma!
Nomads Musical Theatre - Showtime Market
Oxford Playhouse - Cinderella
Oxford Playhouse - Aladdin
The Anvil - Jack and the Beanstalk
The Anvil - Sleeping Beauty
The Community of Hungerford Theatre Company - Love Triangle 2
The Community of Hungerford Theatre Company - Goodnight Mister Tom
The Mill at Sonning - High Society
The Mill at Sonning - The Hollow
The Mill at Sonning - Last of the Red Hot Lovers
The Mill at Sonning - The Perfect Murder
The Mill at Sonning - Stepping Out
Watermill Theatre - Alice in Wonderland
Watermill Theatre - Crazy For You
Watermill Theatre - Frankenstein
Watermill Theatre - One Million Tiny Plays About Britain
Watermill Theatre - Romeo and Juliet
Watermill Theatre - Sleeping Beauty
Watermill Theatre - Tell Me on a Sunday
Watermill Theatre - The Wipers Times
Watermill Theatre - Untold Stories
Watermill Theatre - Watership Down
Watermill Senior Youth Theatre - The Railway Children
Watermill Young Company - Ubu Roi

From To Company Play
19 Nov 20153 JanWatermill Theatre* Alice in Wonderland
26 Nov 201516 JanThe Mill at SonningStepping Out
27 Nov 20153 JanThe Corn Exchange* Dick Whittington
27 Nov 201510 JanOxford Playhouse* Aladdin
4 Dec 20159 JanCreation Theatre Company* Treasure Island
5 Dec 20153 JanThe Hexagon* Dick Whittington
10 Dec 20153 JanThe Anvil* Jack and the Beanstalk
10 Dec 20153 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Dear Father Christmas
15 Dec 20153 JanNew TheatreAnnie
29 Dec 20154 JanThe Kenton Theatre* Beauty and the Beast
2 JanProteus at Oakley Village Hall* Little Red and the Wolves
2 Jan The Lights* The Town and Country Mouse
4 Dec 20152 JanPegasus Theatre* A Christmas Carol
3 JanProteus at Brookvale Village Hall* Little Red and the Wolves
6 Jan9 JanThe Kenton Theatre* The Arabian Nights
7 Jan9 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Trials of Galileo
8 Jan The Lights* The Legend of King Arthur
12 Jan16 JanThe Kenton TheatreFull Monty the Musical
14 Jan15 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Learning How to Die
15 Jan23 JanAbingdon Drama Club* Santa in Space
15 Jan30 JanSinodun Players* Rapunzel
21 Jan23 JanThe Corn ExchangeLes Miserables: Schools Edition
21 Jan12 MarThe Mill at SonningThe Perfect Murder
22 Jan23 JanDidcot Phoenix Drama Group* Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
22 Jan23 JanThe Lights* Oh Noah You Don't
22 Jan24 JanShinfield Players* Mother Goose
22 Jan30 JanMortimer Dramatic Society'Allo 'Allo
26 Jan30 JanBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Fastest Clock in the Universe
27 Jan30 JanThe HaymarketSecondary Cause of Death
28 Jan Theatre at the cinemaLes Liaisons Dangereuses
28 Jan30 JanStagelights and Wantage Stage Musical CompanyMasque
28 Jan30 JanTriangle Players* Sleeping Beauty
28 Jan20 FebWatermill TheatreTell Me on a Sunday
29 Jan South StreetFocus Group
29 Jan30 JanPurley Players* Cinderella
29 Jan30 JanSilchester Players* Camelot - The Panto
29 Jan30 JanRussell Players* Alice... the Panto
30 Jan31 JanFaringdon Dramatic Society* Happily Ever After
1 Feb6 FebThe HexagonThe Mousetrap
2 Feb3 FebThe Corn ExchangeThe Great Gatsby
2 Feb6 FebOxford PlayhouseFlare Path
2 Feb6 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Noose
3 Feb6 FebBehind You ProductionsRock of Ages
3 Feb6 FebBoundary PlayersHappy Jack and September in the Rain
4 Feb6 FebThe HaymarketThe Great Gatsby
5 Feb6 FebFaringdon Dramatic Society* Happily Ever After
5 Feb6 FebDrayton PlayersBusyBody
5 Feb6 FebTriangle Players* Sleeping Beauty
5 Feb6 FebSilchester Players* Camelot - The Panto
5 Feb6 FebRussell Players* Alice... the Panto
9 Feb The Hexagon* Tortoise and the Hare
9 Feb13 FebOxford PlayhouseHetty Feather
9 Feb13 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Amadeus
10 Feb Arlington Arts CentreThe Lost Things
10 Feb13 FebCentral Studio42nd Street
12 Feb13 FebDrayton PlayersBusyBody
12 Feb24 MarCreation Theatre CompanyKing Lear
13 Feb Arlington Arts Centre* The Owl and the Pussycat's Treasury of Nonsense
14 Feb Pegasus Theatre* Funky Monkey and the Juicy Fruits
15 Feb20 FebProgress TheatreSteel Magnolias
16 Feb The Lights* The Amazing Adventures of Librarian Lil
16 Feb20 FebOxford PlayhouseToast
16 Feb20 FebWoodley TheatreEntertaining Angels
16 Feb20 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Cashiered
16 Feb20 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Binding
17 Feb The Kenton Theatre* Rapunzel
17 Feb20 FebThe Community of Hungerford Theatre CompanyGoodnight Mister Tom
17 Feb20 FebKATSA Show To Die For
17 Feb20 FebPegasus TheatreParadoxy
19 Feb20 FebAldermaston PlayersTravels With My Aunt
22 Feb27 FebOxford PlayhouseKing Charles III
23 Feb The HaymarketThe Best Thing
23 Feb27 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Canon Warriors
23 Feb27 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Island People
24 Feb The Corn ExchangeIphigenia in Splott
24 Feb27 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Playwright
24 Feb27 FebBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Cold Warm
25 Feb Theatre at the cinemaAs You Like It
25 Feb2 AprWatermill TheatreRomeo and Juliet
26 Feb27 FebAldermaston PlayersTravels With My Aunt
26 Feb28 FebThe Haymarket* The Gruffalo's Child
1 Mar Old Fire StationMacbeth
1 Mar2 MarThe HaymarketRound and Round the Garden
1 Mar5 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Maud
2 Mar The Corn ExchangeA Two Man Macbeth
3 Mar Theatre at the cinemaHangmen
3 Mar Proteus Theatre in BasingstokeBecoming Hattie
5 Mar Proteus Theatre in AppleshawBecoming Hattie
8 Mar12 MarBasingstoke Amateur Operatic SocietyWest Side Story
8 Mar12 MarOxford Theatre GuildSense and Sensibility
8 Mar12 MarThe Corn Exchange* The Witches
8 Mar12 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Attempts On Her Life
8 Mar12 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Italian Play: Fiabe Italiane
9 Mar The LightsUpbeat with Forest Forge
9 Mar12 MarHenley PlayersThe Constant Wife
9 Mar12 MarNew Era PlayersGaslight
9 Mar12 MarShinfield PlayersThe Dumb Waiter and Something Unspoken
9 Mar12 MarBreakaLeg ProductionsAn Evening of Noel Coward
11 Mar12 MarT.A.D.SWorth a Fortune
14 Mar19 MarProgress TheatreMarat/Sade
14 Mar19 MarNew Era PlayersGaslight
16 Mar South StreetTonight I'm Gonna Be the New Me
16 Mar The LightsThe Importance of Being Earnest
16 Mar19 MarThe HaymarketDealer's Choice
16 Mar19 MarAbingdon Drama ClubWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
17 Mar Old Fire StationThe Devil Speaks True
17 Mar19 MarNomads Musical TheatreShowtime Market
17 Mar19 MarNewbury YoungStarsFame Jr
17 Mar19 MarBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Time and the Conways
17 Mar7 MayThe Mill at SonningLast of the Red Hot Lovers
18 Mar Old Fire StationAusten’s Women
18 Mar19 MarOxford PlayhouseRosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
19 Mar The Lights* Adventures with Sam - On the Farm
19 Mar20 MarOld Fire StationAnimal Farm
21 Mar26 MarOxford PlayhouseSingle Spies
22 Mar Theatre at the cinemaHangmen
22 Mar26 MarNew TheatreGoodnight Mister Tom
23 Mar3 AprBT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Bed Time
24 Mar New Greenham ArtsScottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
24 Mar Theatre at the cinemaLes Liaisons Dangereuses
27 Mar Theatre at the cinemaAs You Like It
29 Mar New Greenham Arts* Easter Storytime
30 Mar Arlington Arts Centre* Puss in Boots
30 Mar The Corn ExchangeThe Railway Children
30 Mar2 AprOxford Playhouse42nd Street
31 Mar3 AprThe Kenton Theatre* Alice in Wonderland
1 Apr The Anvil* The Wizard of Oz
1 Apr New Greenham ArtsMargaret Thatcher Queen of Soho
2 Apr New Greenham Arts* Rumpelstiltskin
3 Apr The Haymarket* How Lion Became King of Tinga Tinga Land
5 Apr The Lights* Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
5 Apr9 AprNewbury Musical Theatre SocietyThe Wizard of Oz
6 Apr East Garston Village HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
6 Apr9 AprWatermill Theatre The Railway Children
6 Apr9 AprStudio Theatre ClubTerry Pratchett: the Shakespeare Codex
6 Apr9 AprSt Peter's PlayersFor Services Rendered
7 Apr Bradfield Village HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
8 Apr Uffington Memorial HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
9 Apr Old Fire StationFaceless
9 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Rumpelstiltskin
10 Apr Pegasus Theatre* Cinderella Green the Recycling Queen
11 Apr16 AprProgress TheatreStones in his Pockets
12 Apr16 AprAbingdon Operatic SocietyThe Music Man
12 Apr23 AprWatermill TheatreOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
13 Apr South StreetSwing
13 Apr14 AprBT Studio (Burton Taylor)A Machine They're Secretly Building
13 Apr16 AprReading Operatic SocietyChildren of Eden
13 Apr16 AprSinodun PlayersTwo
14 Apr16 AprChiltern PlayersUp the Beanstalk
14 Apr16 AprMarlborough PlayersEasy Stages and Hiss the Villain
14 Apr16 AprCornerstone, DidcotAnnie, the Musical
15 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Idiots
15 Apr Old Fire StationShow Me The Money
16 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Leaper: A Fish Tale
16 Apr Proteus Theatre in TadleyBecoming Hattie
19 Apr The Corn ExchangeStones In His Pockets
19 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Tribute Acts
19 Apr23 AprOxford PlayhouseThe Herbal Bed
19 Apr23 AprWoodley TheatreRaving
20 Apr Kennet OperaOpen Evening
20 Apr21 AprBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Lamellar Project
20 Apr23 AprThe HaymarketFather Brown
20 Apr23 AprAmEgosHigh Society
20 Apr23 AprCompton PlayersBlue Remembered Hills
20 Apr23 AprGoring Gap PlayersArsenic and Old Lace
21 Apr South StreetWomen's Hour
21 Apr23 AprLoddon PlayersLove Begins at Fifty
21 Apr23 AprHook PlayersIt's a Wonderful Death
21 Apr23 AprNewbury Dramatic SocietyThe Interview
23 Apr BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Egg and Spoon
23 Apr Kingston Bagpuize Drama GroupThoroughly Murdered Millie
23 Apr Sinodun PlayersShakespeare on Love
23 Apr Theatre at the cinemaShakespeare Live! From The RSC
23 Apr The Corn ExchangeShakespeare Live! From The RSC
25 Apr30 AprOxford PlayhouseKing Lear
26 Apr The LightsStones in his Pockets
26 Apr Padworth Village HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
26 Apr Theatre at the cinemaHangmen
27 Apr30 AprBox Theatre CompanyThe Sea
28 Apr Pegasus TheatreStones In His Pockets
28 Apr New TheatreTell Me on a Sunday
28 Apr30 AprShinfield PlayersActing, Singing and a Shot of Whisky
29 Apr O2 Academy, OxfordRichard II
29 Apr South StreetOff The Block #5
29 Apr Old Fire StationSatMatCo Scenes From…
29 Apr30 AprPurley PlayersOld Boilers
2 May7 MayThe Kenton TheatreHenley Drama Festival 2016
3 May The HexagonShadowlands
4 May Hampstead Norreys Village HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
4 May7 MayBoundary PlayersThe Vicar of Dibley
4 May7 MayOxford PlayhouseThe Fairy Queen
5 May The Corn ExchangeMenopause The Musical
5 May South StreetThe Joke
5 May11 JunWatermill TheatreUntold Stories
6 May Pangbourne Village HallOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
7 May The Beacon, WantageOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
10 May14 MayThe LightsSister Act
10 May14 MayOxford PlayhouseOf Mice and Men
10 May14 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Pripyat
10 May14 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Me and Mike
11 May14 MayThe HaymarketSwap!
12 May Theatre at the cinemaA View from the Bridge
12 May Old Fire StationCELL
12 May2 JulThe Mill at SonningIt Runs In the Family
13 May Oxford PlayhouseA Raisin in the Sun
14 May T.A.D.SAmdram is Murder
14 May New Greenham Arts* Thumbelina
16 May21 MayProgress TheatreSuddenly Last Summer
17 May19 MayCentral StudioWe Will Rock You
17 May21 MayOxford PlayhouseClybourne Park
17 May21 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)God of Carnage
18 May21 MayDADSAll Exclusive
18 May21 MayFaringdon Dramatic SocietySide Effects
18 May21 MaySinodun PlayersBazaar and Rummage
19 May22 MayLok’n’Store ReadingHandle With Care
20 May22 MayRussell PlayersThe House of Bernada Alba
21 May The Corn Exchange* Flights of Fancy
23 May Theatre at the cinemaA View from the Bridge
24 May The Corn ExchangeA View from the Bridge
24 May28 MayBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Oxford German Play: Woyzeck
25 May The HaymarketGirls With Balls
25 May28 MayThe Sainsbury SingersHot Mikado
25 May28 MayH.A.O.D.SJekyll and Hyde
25 May28 MayPegasus TheatreLord of the Flies
26 May The Corn ExchangeThe Best Thing
26 May27 MaySouth StreetThe Lounge
27 May Old Fire StationDinosaur Park
27 May28 MayMortimer Dramatic SocietyDeath By Design
30 May1 JunOxford Playhouse* Gruffalos, Ladybirds and Other Beasts
31 May The Corn Exchange* Flyaway Katie
31 May4 JunBT Studio (Burton Taylor)No Exit
1 Jun Arlington Arts Centre* Letters Through Your Door
2 Jun The Corn ExchangeA Midsummer Nights Dream
3 Jun The Corn ExchangeAustentatious
3 Jun4 JunMortimer Dramatic SocietyDeath By Design
3 Jun4 JunShaw House, NewburyThe Canterbury Tales
3 Jun4 JunOxford PlayhouseJungle Book
5 Jun10 JunUnicorn Theatre, AbingdonODN Drama Festival
6 Jun8 JunOxford PlayhouseThe Complete Deaths
7 Jun11 JunOverton Dramatic SocietyThe Importance of Being Earnest
7 Jun11 JunBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Splendour
8 Jun New Greenham Arts* Dinosaur Park
8 Jun Theatre at the cinemaHamlet
8 Jun11 JunNew Era PlayersGod of Carnage
8 Jun11 JunShinfield PlayersAgatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders
8 Jun11 JunThe HaymarketJekyll and Hyde
9 Jun Theatre at the cinemaHamlet
9 Jun Theatre at the cinemaThe Audience
10 Jun The Corn ExchangeGraeme Of Thrones
11 Jun The Corn ExchangeThe Audience
11 Jun Old Fire StationPerfect
13 Jun17 JunWallingford Corn ExchangeWallingford Corn Exchange Drama Festival
13 Jun18 JunProgress TheatreHumble Boy
14 Jun18 JunNew Era PlayersGod of Carnage
14 Jun18 JunWoodley TheatreRough Crossing
14 Jun18 JunOxford PlayhouseBrideshead Revisited
14 Jun18 JunBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Ghosts
15 Jun18 JunWLOSBad Girls - The Musical
16 Jun23 JulWatermill TheatreWatership Down
17 Jun Pegasus TheatreGoing Viral
17 Jun18 JunSchool Field, Magdalen College School, Oxford OX4 1DZFurious Folly
18 Jun Central StudioGreece
18 Jun Kennet OperaOpera Gala
19 Jun Central StudioSalem
20 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)High As Sugar
20 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)It Is So Ordered
20 Jun2 JulOxford CastleThe Taming of the Shrew
21 Jun Old Fire StationDeclining The Future
21 Jun Old Fire StationTheatre Scratch Night
21 Jun Old Fire StationLetters to Windsor House
21 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)On Her Own Ground
22 Jun Old Fire StationSomething Borrowed
22 Jun Old Fire StationAntigona and Me: A Rehearsed Reading
22 Jun Old Fire StationShakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon
22 Jun Old Fire StationWanna Dance With Somebody! Or, A Guide to Managing Social Anxiety Using Theoretical Physics
22 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)A Living
22 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)All the Things I Lied About
22 Jun25 JunThe Haymarket* The Railway Children
23 Jun Old Fire Station3 Generations
23 Jun Old Fire StationRounds
23 Jun Old Fire StationForeign Body
23 Jun Old Fire StationThe Road to Huntsville
23 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Pramkicker
23 Jun25 JunThe Corn ExchangeHigh School Musical
23 Jun30 JulCreation Theatre CompanyA Midsummer Night's Dream
24 Jun Old Fire StationRoseacre
24 Jun Old Fire StationShaedates: or How I Learned to Love Myself
24 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Garden
24 Jun25 JunOxford Playhouse* The Wind in the Willows
25 Jun Old Fire StationPerfect
25 Jun Old Fire StationMelancholy
25 Jun Old Fire StationThe Conscious Uncoupling
25 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Break Yourself
25 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Gutted
25 Jun Pegasus Theatre* Wild!
25 Jun27 JunHawk Conservancy, Andover* The Wind in the Willows
26 Jun Old Fire Station* The House at the Edge of the Universe
26 Jun Old Fire StationNel
26 Jun Old Fire StationArk
26 Jun Old Fire StationRoss and Rachel
26 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)On the Edge of Me
26 Jun BT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Gin Chronicles
27 Jun New TheatreChaplin - The Charlie Chaplin Story
27 Jun28 JunProteus Theatre in BasingstokeBecoming Hattie
28 Jun30 JunMagdalen College School, OxfordLove's Labour's Lost
28 Jun30 JunBT Studio (Burton Taylor)King John
28 Jun18 AugWadham College Gardens, OxfordLove's Labour's Lost
30 Jun2 JulNew Era PlayersPride and Prejudice
1 Jul BT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Rape of Lucrece
1 Jul Pegasus TheatreVentoux
1 Jul2 JulT.A.D.STiger Tiger
1 Jul3 JulThe Corn Exchange* Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales
2 Jul Croft Hall, HungerfordThe Second Best Bed
2 Jul BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* The Girl and the Giraffe
2 Jul Kennet OperaSummer Concert
4 Jul16 JulOxford CastleMuch Ado About Nothing
5 Jul9 JulProgress TheatreDaisy Pulls It Off
7 Jul Theatre at the cinemaRomeo and Juliet
7 Jul The HaymarketRomeo and Juliet
7 Jul8 JulBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Labels
7 Jul8 JulOld Fire StationMuch Ado About Nothing
7 Jul3 SepThe Mill at SonningThe Hollow
8 Jul Pegasus TheatreFossils
8 Jul Croft HallThe Fossil Lady of Lyme
9 Jul BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Storm in a Teacup
9 Jul Pegasus TheatrePond Wife
9 Jul10 JulShinfield Players* The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
13 Jul Dunsden Village Hall, ReadingThe Canterbury Tales
13 Jul15 JulNewbury Dramatic SocietyJust So Kipling
13 Jul23 JulProgress TheatreA Midsummer Night's Dream
13 Jul13 AugCreation Theatre CompanyHamlet
15 Jul Croft HallThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
15 Jul16 JulShinfield PlayersA Slice of Saturday Night
15 Jul16 JulDidcot Phoenix Drama GroupThe Ladykillers
16 Jul Watermill Theatre* The Ugly Duckling
18 Jul30 JulOxford CastleThe Tempest
19 Jul29 JulOxford Theatre GuildTwelfth Night
19 Jul31 JulOld Schools Quadrangle, Bodleian Library, OxfordTwo Gentlemen of Verona
20 Jul23 JulBlewbury PlayersA Midsummer Night’s Dream
21 Jul Theatre at the cinemaRichard III
22 Jul Progress TheatreSpring Awakening
22 Jul Progress Theatre6 Ways to Break a Bird
23 Jul Newbury Youth TheatreFairies and Dragons of the Desolate Plain
23 Jul Arlington Arts CentreThe Mermaid's Tale
28 Jul29 JulThe Corn Exchange* Dinosaur Zoo
28 Jul30 JulThe HaymarketHigh School Musical
28 Jul17 SepWatermill TheatreCrazy For You
30 Jul Old Fire StationCircleville, Circlevalley
1 Aug The Corn Exchange* Marty MacDonald’s Toy Machine
1 Aug13 AugOxford CastleMacbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream
4 Aug The Corn Exchange* Oddly
4 Aug6 AugKATSAlarms and Excursions
5 Aug Old Fire StationHigh As Sugar
9 Aug The Lights* Where the Wild Things Are!
11 Aug The Lights* Marty MacDonald's Toy Machine
12 Aug The Lights* James and the Giant Peach Theatre Workshop
12 Aug4 SepOxford Playhouse* Peter Pan in Scarlet
13 Aug The Vyne, BasingstokeMuch Ado About Nothing
14 Aug Shaw House, Newbury* Danny the Champion of the World
14 Aug Theatre at the cinemaRomeo and Juliet
24 Aug27 AugPegasus TheatreThoroughly Modern Millie
25 Aug Kennet OperaSummer Concert
25 Aug27 AugAmEgosLegally Blonde The Musical
28 Aug29 AugMarket Place, NewburySilence
30 Aug3 SepNew TheatreThe Glenn Miller Story
1 Sep Theatre at the cinemaThe Deep Blue Sea
1 Sep3 SepThe HexagonBen-Hur
1 Sep17 SepThe Kenton TheatreThe Three Musketeers
3 Sep Basing HouseA Midsummer Night's Dream
5 Sep11 SepOut The BoxSpeed Dating: The Musical
7 Sep10 SepOxford PlayhouseGlasgow Girls
7 Sep10 SepNew Era PlayersThe Importance of Being Earnest
8 Sep Old Fire StationUndermined
8 Sep9 SepBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Eulogy of Toby Peach
8 Sep10 SepThe HexagonThe Great British Bump Off
9 Sep10 SepT.A.D.SMurder Is Served
10 Sep BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Pinocchio
10 Sep Watermill Theatre* Suddenly!
12 Sep BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Until You Hear That Bell
12 Sep17 SepOxford PlayhouseRelatively Speaking
12 Sep17 SepProgress TheatreThe Long and the Short and the Tall
13 Sep BT Studio (Burton Taylor)Equations for a Moving Body
13 Sep17 SepOld Fire StationBrief Lives
13 Sep17 SepNew Era PlayersThe Importance of Being Earnest
17 Sep BT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Tales from Old Japan
17 Sep New Greenham Arts24 Hour Plays 2016
20 Sep24 SepOxford PlayhouseA Tale of Two Cities
21 Sep24 SepBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Through the Leaves
21 Sep24 SepStudio Theatre ClubThe Government Inspector
22 Sep Arlington Arts CentreFeast
22 Sep29 OctWatermill TheatreThe Wipers Times
24 Sep The Lights* The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio
27 Sep Theatre at the cinemaThe Deep Blue Sea
27 Sep1 OctWoodley TheatreBe My Baby
28 Sep The LightsFrankenstein
28 Sep Theatre at the cinemaCymbeline
28 Sep1 OctReading Operatic SocietySister Act
28 Sep1 OctOxford Theatre GuildA Cavalcade of Fools
29 Sep Theatre at the cinemaCymbeline
29 Sep Old Fire StationNine Lives
29 Sep30 SepBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Spine
29 Sep30 SepPegasus TheatreNight Light
29 Sep1 OctThe HaymarketFrankenstein
29 Sep1 OctOxford PlayhouseObserve the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme
29 Sep1 OctReading GaolThe Trials of Oscar Wilde
29 Sep19 NovThe Mill at SonningBlithe Spirit
30 Sep1 OctSilchester PlayersThe Ghost Train
30 Sep1 OctPurley PlayersLights, Camera, Murder
1 Oct The Lights* Teddy Bear's Picnic
1 Oct The Community of Hungerford Theatre CompanyLove Triangle 2
4 Oct Old Fire StationFlat 73
4 Oct8 OctOxford PlayhouseThings I Know to be True
5 Oct8 OctBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Operation Crucible
5 Oct8 OctNomads Musical TheatreOklahoma!
6 Oct Old Fire StationWrecking Ball
7 Oct8 OctThe Haymarket* Stick Man
7 Oct8 OctSilchester PlayersThe Ghost Train
7 Oct8 OctThe Community of Hungerford Theatre CompanyLove Triangle 2
7 Oct9 OctShinfield PlayersThe King and I
7 Oct9 OctRussell PlayersFuneral Games
8 Oct Old Fire StationFlat 73
8 Oct KATSSorry! KATS Haven't a Clue!
11 Oct12 OctThe Corn ExchangeFrankenstein
12 Oct Theatre at the cinemaKing Lear
12 Oct15 OctThe Kenton TheatreComic Potential
12 Oct15 OctOxford PlayhouseAnything Goes
13 Oct The LightsRomeo and Juliet - The Pantaloons
14 Oct Theatre at the cinemaKing Lear
14 Oct16 OctShinfield PlayersThe King and I
16 Oct The HaymarketRound the Horne
16 Oct Theatre at the cinemaMiss Saigon
18 Oct22 OctOxford Theatre GuildFesten
18 Oct22 OctBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The River
18 Oct28 OctOxford PlayhouseLady Chatterley's Lover
19 Oct20 OctNew Theatre* Peppa Pig's Surprise
19 Oct22 OctThe HaymarketNobody's Perfect
19 Oct22 OctSinodun PlayersThe Tempest
20 Oct Old Fire StationCathy
20 Oct Central StudioThe Accrington Pals
20 Oct21 OctThe Corn ExchangeAn Elephant in the Garden
20 Oct29 OctProgress TheatreDracula
21 Oct Old Fire StationJekyll & Hyde and Nerve: two one act plays
21 Oct22 OctMortimer Dramatic SocietyThe Small Hours
24 Oct Arlington Arts Centre* Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom
25 Oct Old Fire StationIn Our Hands
25 Oct29 OctOxford PlayhouseSand in the Sandwiches
25 Oct29 OctAbingdon Operatic SocietyBarnum
25 Oct29 OctBT Studio (Burton Taylor)A Woman Killed with Kindness
26 Oct29 OctThe Sainsbury SingersShowtune
26 Oct29 OctBoundary PlayersTwo and Two Make Sex
27 Oct Theatre at the cinemaThe Entertainer
27 Oct The Haymarket* The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
27 Oct29 OctNewbury Musical Theatre SocietyReturn to the Forbidden Planet
27 Oct29 OctTriangle PlayersDeath By Fatal Murder
27 Oct29 OctNew Era PlayersOctober Double Bill 2016
28 Oct29 OctMortimer Dramatic Society The Small Hours
29 Oct The Haymarket* Why the Whales Came
29 Oct The Lights* Monstersaurus
31 Oct4 NovWatermill TheatreFrankenstein
1 Nov The Corn ExchangeBe Brave and Leave for the Unknown
1 Nov The LightsFar From the Madding Crowd
1 Nov5 NovBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Trojan Women
1 Nov5 NovBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Three Women
2 Nov South StreetBe Brave and Leave for the Unknown
2 Nov5 NovOxford PlayhouseThe Nether
2 Nov5 NovAmEgosTwo
2 Nov19 NovSt James' Church, ReadingHenry I of England
3 Nov The HaymarketMr Darcy Loses the Plot
3 Nov New Greenham Arts1972: The Future of Sex
3 Nov Old Fire StationKey Change
3 Nov6 NovThe Kenton Theatre* The Wizard of Oz YPE
4 Nov5 NovOld Fire StationWith You Always
4 Nov5 NovPegasus TheatreAn Elephant in the Garden
5 Nov New Greenham Arts* The Wizard of Oz
7 Nov8 NovThe Corn ExchangeShakespeare Schools Festival
7 Nov12 NovNew TheatreThe Shawshank Redemption
8 Nov South StreetKicking and Screaming
9 Nov12 NovWatermill Young CompanyUbu Roi
9 Nov12 NovThe HaymarketA Party to Murder
9 Nov12 NovKennet OperaLa Cenerentola
9 Nov12 NovCompton PlayersBracken Moor
10 Nov12 NovFaringdon Dramatic SocietyAgatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders
10 Nov12 NovChiltern PlayersSeason's Greetings
11 Nov WSMC at East Hagbourne Village HallConcert - Sounds of the 1980s
12 Nov WSMC at Stanford-in-the-Vale Village HallConcert - Sounds of the 1980s
14 Nov19 NovOxford PlayhouseOliver!
15 Nov19 NovBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Summer and Smoke
16 Nov Arlington Arts CentreIn Our Hands
16 Nov Theatre at the cinemaAlan Bennett’s Diaries Live
16 Nov19 NovH.A.O.D.SSpamalot
16 Nov19 NovAbingdon Drama ClubA Man for All Seasons
16 Nov19 NovProgress TheatreThe 11th Annual WriteFest
16 Nov26 NovThe HaymarketThe Full Monty
17 Nov1 Jan Watermill Theatre* Sleeping Beauty
18 Nov WSMC at the Old Mill Hall, GroveConcert - Sounds of the 1980s
19 Nov WSMC at Steventon Village HallConcert - Sounds of the 1980s
21 Nov26 NovThe Kenton Theatre* Peter Pan
22 Nov26 NovWoodley TheatreQuartet
22 Nov26 NovBT Studio (Burton Taylor)In the Republic of Happiness
22 Nov26 NovBT Studio (Burton Taylor)D@tes
23 Nov26 NovGoring Gap PlayersAn Evening of Political Comedy
23 Nov27 NovKingsclere Players* Cinderella
24 Nov14 Jan The Mill at SonningHigh Society
24 Nov26 NovKingston Bagpuize Drama Group* Cinderella
24 Nov26 NovHook PlayersWho's in Bed with the Butler
24 Nov26 NovLoddon PlayersMurder at the Manor
25 Nov8 Jan Oxford Playhouse* Cinderella
25 Nov31 DecThe Corn Exchange* Cinderella
26 Nov Didcot Phoenix Drama GroupMurder Afoot
28 Nov30 NovNew TheatreThe Mousetrap
29 Nov3 DecBT Studio (Burton Taylor)The Double
29 Nov3 DecBT Studio (Burton Taylor)Bang Bang You're Dead
30 Nov31 DecCreation Theatre Company* Cinderella and the Glass Slipper
30 Nov3 DecNew Era PlayersCollaborators
30 Nov3 DecDADS* Aladdin
30 Nov3 DecSt Peter's Players* Dick Whittington and his Magical Cat
1 Dec New Greenham ArtsPolice Cops
1 Dec3 DecMarlborough PlayersSeason's Greetings
1 Dec4 DecThe Haymarket* The Night Before Christmas
3 Dec7 Jan Creation Theatre Company* Snow White and Other Tales from the Brothers Grimm
3 Dec Old Fire Station* Silver Moon
6 Dec10 DecNew Era PlayersCollaborators
6 Dec10 DecWLOSWest End Hits
6 Dec10 DecOxford Theatre GuildAll My Sons
6 Dec10 DecProgress TheatreWolves
7 Dec9 DecThe Lights* The Night Before Christmas
7 Dec10 DecThe HaymarketWho Killed Santa Claus?
8 Dec2 Jan The Anvil* Sleeping Beauty
8 Dec31 DecBT Studio (Burton Taylor)* Snowflakes
8 Dec South StreetManpower
8 Dec11 DecAldermaston Church The York Nativity Play
9 Dec10 DecT.A.D.S* The Doctor Saves Christmas
10 Dec8 Jan Hexagon* Snow White
13 Dec23 DecOld Fire Station30 Christmases
13 Dec24 DecPegasus Theatre* Once Upon a Snowflake
13 Dec Theatre at the cinemaThe Entertainer
14 Dec18 DecNew Greenham Arts* The Night Before Christmas
15 Dec28 DecThe Kenton Theatre* Sleeping Beauty
15 Dec Theatre at the cinemaNo Man's Land
16 Dec Cold Ash and Hermitage MummersMummers' Play
20 Dec Abingdon MummersMummers' Play
20 Dec The Haymarket* A Christmas Carol
22 Dec The Lights* Santa Saves Christmas
23 Dec Cold Ash and Hermitage MummersMummers' Play
26 Dec The Wantage MummersMummers' Play
30 Dec7 Jan The Kenton Theatre* Rapunzel - a Tangled Tale