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BreakaLeg Productions - The Importance of Being Earnest

18th to 22nd September 2012

Review from NODA.

My thanks to Director, Deidre Jones, for the invitation to review your latest production. It is always a pleasure to return to the Unicorn Theatre, as it has that special ingredient of intimacy, not found in many large theatres. I was very appreciative of the Gilbert & Sullivan music played. This presentation, was such an entertaining evening, - with each member of cast thoroughly enjoying their character, they 'understood', the part they were playing, - they worked together as a 'close knit TEAM'. The Period Style of this play was maintained throughout. Diction, facial expressions, deportment and costumes were so well portrayed, and gave us all an evening to remember.

The Set, designed by Mike Davies and Deidre Jones, was to cover 3 Acts, taking place at the Manor House, - two scenes inside, and one in the garden.  Mike and Deidre had put much thought into what was to happen, where, and what was to hang in a certain place. - This is so important, everything worked like clockwork on such a small stage.

The opening with the two male leads, Algernon Moncrieff, (Terry Atkinson), and Jack Worthing JP, (Alex Watts), gave us the style of the play, and they bounced off each other with quick entertaining repartee, -- Well done. One small point, -- Gentlemen in tails, usually 'flick out their tails', as they sit down, and the Butler, usually receives the Top Hat, and gloves from visiting guests.

Hon Gwendolen Fairfax, (Alex Codling). Looked just gorgeous, and delivered all her lines with clear diction, and was very expressive in her mannerisms. A very polished and confident performance.

Miss Cecily Cardew. (Audrina Oakes). A lovely contrast to Gwendoline, delicate and pretty, beautiful gown, and hair, and again a very talented performance.

Lady Bracknell, (Oenone Grant). This character has some of the best lines to say, and they were well delivered, in the mannerism that one would expect from a lady of such breeding.  A strong performance.

Miss Prism, Governess, (Janet Rollett). A sympathetic teacher, and a ' master of disguise'. I'm sure she enjoyed her visits in the garden, with the Vicar!  Another first class performance.

Lane, - manservant, and Merriman, the butler.  (Richard Damerall). What fun to play these two cameo parts You extracted the very best from both characters., --- liked the voice intonation.!

Rev Canon Chasuble DD, (Mike Davies). Suitably 'humble and Holy' and also giving a humorous and twinkle to this 'gentleman of the cloth'. Well done.

Behind the Scenes. - from Lighting, Sound, Props, Prompt, Front of House, a big Thank you.

Director, (Deidre Jones) this was another masterful production, -- you have the talent to bring the best out of your cast, and they obviously respect you for all that you do for them, as well as what we the audience experience. The Programme by Mike and Deidre, was again first class, -- clear, good photographs, interesting information. Congratulations are deserved for your NODA Award.

At the end of the show, -- the audience clearly indicated the enjoyment they had received, from you, -- the cast, by giving us all an evening of Oscar Wilde, at his best.