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Shinfield Festival 2003 / 2004

Festival of One Act Plays, 16th to 19th July 2003.

Adjudicator Ron Travis (GODA).

Wednesday 16th July

Shinfield Players

The Last Bread Pudding by Nick Warburton (Comedy)

Kingston Bagpuize Drama Group

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram

Thursday 17th July

Za Lenina!

The Caring Profession by Adrian Czajkowski (Drama)

Compton Players

Bill & Bob by H Connolly (Comedy/Drama)

Shinfield Players Babysitting Calvin by John H. Newmeir (Comedy)

Friday 18th July

Shinfield Players

Daisy Pulls it Off - Act 2 by Denise Deegan (Comedy)

Riverside Players

Garlic and Lavender by Nick Warburton (Comedy)

Saturday 19th July

Organised Chaos Youth Theatre Association

Not Peter? by Ian Thomas (Musical Drama)

These are the festival awards.

Class I: Adult mixed

Compton Players, Bill & Bob

Class III: Youth group

Organised Chaos Theatre Association, Not Peter?

Best Actor

Joff Hamilton, Shinfield Players, Daisy Pulls it Off

Best Actress

Tracey Pearce, Compton Players, Bill & Bob

Best supporting adult role

Mikhail Franklin, Shinfield Players, The Last Bread Pudding

Best Stage Presentation

Kingston Bagpuize Drama Group, The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish

Best Producer

Pip Olding, Riverside Players, Garlic and Lavender

Best Youth Performance

David Criddle, Organised Chaos, Not Peter?

Second Best Youth Performance

Mike Leach, Shinfield Players, Babysitting Calvin (!)

Overall Festival Winner

Riverside Players, Garlic and Lavender

Festival Runner Up

Za Lenina!, The Caring Profession

Festival of One Act Plays, 14th to 17th July 2004.

Wednesday 14th July
Shinfield Senior Youth Group 1Terrace Talk by George MacEwan Green
H.A.O.D.SImmobiles from Alarms and Excursions, by Michael Frayn
Thursday 15th July
Shinfield Senior Youth Group 2Am I What I Wear? by Lynn Bains
Shinfield Players AVictoria Station by Harold Pinter
Shinfield Senior Youth Group 3Dreamjobs by Graham Jones
Friday 16th July
Kingston BagpuizePlaster by Richard Harris
Shinfield Players BDay Trippers by Jean McConnell
St Peter's Players (Wolvercote)Parochial Problems by Margaret Wood
Saturday 17th July
Shinfield Senior Youth Group 4To Stay or To Go by Gordon Bird
The Henley PlayersThe Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo

These are the festival awards.

Class I Adult Mixed, The Adda Cook ShieldImmobiles (H.A.O.D.S)
Class II Youth Group, The Dennis Maynard ShieldTerrace Talk (Shinfield Senior Youth Group)
Best Actor, The Daphnes Hawes AwardGary Ellmes in Victoria Station (Shinfield G.A.S. Productions)
Best Actress, The Maire Hood AwardKate Belcher in Plaster (Kingston Bagpuize Drama Group)
Best Supporting Adult Role, The Lew Davies AwardDavid Smith in Parochial Problems (St Peter's Players, Wolvercote)
Best Stage Presentation, The Merrick Burrell Award St Peter's Players, Wolvercote
Best Producer, The Ken Stanley AwardLinda Hudson (Kingston Bagpuize Drama Group)
Best Youth Performance, The Horace Maynard AwardHayley Zaremba in Terrace Talk (Shinfield Senior Youth Group)
Festival Runner Up, The Pat Barr AwardThe Virtuous Burglar (Henley Players)
Overall Festival Winner, The Shinfield Players AwardImmobiles (H.A.O.D.S)